I'm Here to Inspire You

I have a feeling you have found me because you are ready to embrace vibrant health in this season of midlife.

You know that what worked for energy, weight loss, and vitality in the past decade isn't working now.

You may need to get unstuck, or uplevel some areas of your life, or find a new path that suits your body best.

I've got some great news - you are in the right place!

It is time to work with your body instead of seemingly fighting against it to get the results you desire.

I am here to guide you toward healing your body, optimizing your health, and thriving for life with more ease and less frustration.

Hi, I'm Amanda, an Integrative Health Coach

Well actually, my most "official" degree is Doctor of Physical Therapy but my 20 years of experience in the field has taught me that whole body wellness is about so much more than what I learned from our healthcare system.

In fact, it's not about health at all! It's sick care. Maybe it was successful for you in getting "unsick" or "uninjured". So often I see women though that are still unwell.

They are cleared by their physician, lab tests are "normal", they get the thumbs up to return to work after surgery or resume normal activity after pregnancy. But why are they still exhausted, suffering from digestive trouble, struggling with body, unmotivated, brain fogged, and feel like strangers in their own body?

This is where Integrative Coaching, Functional Nutrition, and Holistic Health become the star of the show.

Together we can get to the root cause of your concerns.

Together we can put the pieces back together.

Together we can journey to a place of vibrant health again - or maybe for the first time!

My Goal is More Ease & Less Frustration

When it Comes to Your Body & Your Health!

The Official Bio . . .

Dr. Amanda Ling is a physical therapist, nutrition specialist, and co-owner of Peak Potential Physiotherapy & Wellness. She brings to her practice over 20 years of experience in health & fitness, and her own experience of struggling with hormones, immunity, energy, and digestion.

With additional Women's Health training and certification as a Functional Nutrition Specialist, Amanda leverages her unique method of balancing nourishment, movement, and mindset. She helps women recover stronger from illness or injury through 1-on-1 wellness coaching . She enjoys helping clients meet their goals for weight loss, energy, live in their most confident body using education, encouragement, and accountability.

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