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start living your best life - by giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive.

Fitness & Nutrition DNA Testing

Stop wasting time and money on nutrition plans, exercise programs, or performance and recovery gimmicks that don’t work. With our cutting edge DNA testing & analysis, we can connect the dots of your genetic makeup with recommended diet and lifestyle choices to create a truly personalized performance and recovery program designed just for you. This plan will allow you to optimize your health and finally meet your goals!

I've heard countless stories over the years from people who have followed the "right" diet, spent money on their fitness, and tried it all to improve their health, only to be left disappointed.

The reason why those one-size-fits-all approaches don't work is that they haven't connected the dots on the formula that works for their unique genetic make up.

Allow me to work with you and your DNA to end the guessing of works for your body - put an end to the frustration!

How It Works:

  • Schedule a Free Discovery Call to find out if Fitness & Nutrition Genetic Testing is right for you.

  • Order the simple cheek swab test kit using the link we will provide.

  • Collect sample in the comfort of your home.

  • Register your kit online and send the sample to the genetics lab in the envelope provided.

  • In a few weeks you will receive your 45 page report!

  • Send me an email ( and schedule your personalized review.

  • Log in virtually to our 90 minute DNA Blueprint session to review the report and come up with a game plan to reach your goals.

Let’s talk!

"Amanda made a huge impact on my health journey! I can not say enough of the benefits of the DNA testing insights. Small tweaks in my routine after she explained my results were a game changer for me. She is my go to for all health questions!"

~Ticha B.

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